18 th April 2002
The Principal
Little Flower's Nursery
Al Khuwair

Dear Shagufta and staff of Little Flower Nursery,

I take great pleasure in thanking you for the enormous support you all have been during the time my daughter Durga was with you. Words are inadequate to convey our feelings of gratitude we have within us.

Durga not only learnt the basic three R's but, What she learnt from her teachers and others in nursery is more long lasting. She was taught to interact, to share, to receive with humility all of which we as parents would teach our children at home. For Durga, it was a home away from home.

The nursery just cemented these principles as she spent longer hours with you happily than by force. There have been days when she preferred to stay with 'Susan aunty' than come home. That is the sort of love shown by one and all of the nursery staff.

I pray that the nursery moves from strength to strength, making it a safe place for children to flourish and also a place where parents can send their children without worrying if the child would be happy in the nursery or not.

We Iyers, take pride and pleasure in thanking you once again for the TENDER LOVING CARE you have always shown to Durga.

Vinodini and Durga