08 th July 1998
The Directress,
Little Flower's Nursery,
P.O.Box 68, PC 115
Sultanate of Oman

Dear Shagufta,

Our daughter Tanushree completes three years with Little Flowers Nursery and it is indeed with a sad heart that we say goodbye to you all as she moves on to Indian School for Standard 1.

It is quite an emotional flashback for us as we recapitulate various memories that associated Tanushree with Little Flowers. For Tanushree, it has been a transformation from a shy child who was wary of strangers to a bold, assertive and extrovert child. With lots of encouragement from everyone at Little Flowers, she has been an active participant in the various programmes conducted by the school. Academically and otherwise, she has enjoyed every moment of her time at Little Flowers and has and will always have high regards and respect for all her teachers.

It is heartening to see the tremendous progress Little Flowers Nursery has made over the last three years. With a great deal of efforts by you and your family, your dedicated team of teachers and the ever-caring Ms. Elen, Susan and Mr. Fayyaz, Little Flowers Nursery has grown to a full fledged educational institution with the successful completion of the first batch of KG II. Our Best Wishes to you to grow further in all related fields of Child Care and Education.

No amount of words can convey our feelings towards all associated with Little Flowers. The child care and education have been exemplary but what has been so special about Little Flowers is the way in which the emotional aspect of child care and development has been emphasized, which is so important in children that age. As working parents, we would like to thank you for the peace of mind we have had in our offices knowing that our daughter was safe and well looked after in Little Flowers. The various ways in you and your staff have assisted us is too long to be included here. Nevertheless, we wish to say a Big Thank You to you and your staff. Needless to say, Little Flowers and its staff will always have a special place in our and Tanushree's hearts.

With Best Regards,

R. Srinivasan