23 rd March 2005
The Principal
Little Flower's Nursery
Al Khuwair

Dear Shagufta,

Since good works should never go unnoticed, I would like to draw your attention towards the appreciative effort of your teacher Surraya in harnessing my daughter Haya's talents. During her pre schooling session, when I was teaching her, I found her extra intelligent. This judgment was not out of motherly love but being a psychologist and certified teacher, I was able to conclude this. It was witnessed by many friends of mine and her first school too. While upon joining your school, I received the feedback by Haya's former teacher that she remained lost all the time and due to her unfriendly nature I should take the counselor's help.

Same is the Haya but just little special attention of teacher made her excelled in her academics. Unfortunately, I could not pay attention due to my pregnancy and sickness during this period. But I was in regular touch with Surraya who is caring enough to understand and build good rapport with parents too. Over concerned parents like me sometimes really challenge the stress threshold of teacher but let me admire her patience and emotional intelligence. She really deserves appreciation, that's why my letter is there before you. Congratulations for having such good members in your team.


Naheed Patel