13 th September 1997
The Principal,
Little Flower's Nursery,
Sultanate of Oman

After compliments,

At the outset of this letter I would like to express my happiness and feelings when I visited your school on "Parents Day" on 11.09.97.

As a grandfather, I am extremely happy and delighted to see the school run by decent, disciplined and dedicated teachers who are emulating the standards of Kinder Garden and teaching these small buds of children to successfully transmigrate them into fragrant flowers of education. Tender age always welcomes the musical way of learning and the results are encouraging all over the world.

We appreciate the politeness of this school principal and staff for their caring and warm welcome extended to us during my visit to the school along with my son, daughter and my grandson Master B. Brijendra Reddy.

We pray almighty to give more strength to succeed in your endeavor.

Kind Regards,